Marriage Should Be Fun

There are an infinite number of books, articles, speeches, conferences, sermons, blog posts, and Dr. Phil episodes about marriage. Whatever the medium, you’ll hear people talking about how communication is key, compromise is important, and that spouses should serve each other wholeheartedly.

One thing is often missing from all those conversations:

Marriage should be fun.

A lot of fun.

Marriage Should Be Fun

Although marriage is a beautiful friendship and a holy covenant, it is often talked about as if it is a burden, a chore, or a task list.

Naw, dawg, naw.

Marriage is so much more.

Marriage is inside jokes that no one else could ever understand.

Baby talk and silly voices (but leave that stuff at home).

Jokes that have never been funny, but you keep telling them anyways.

Embarrassing stories that you tease each other about for years.

Traveling to new places and ending up in ridiculous situations.

Memories of trivial things that you’ll remember forever.

Making bad decisions and laughing about them later.

Dancing (awkwardly). At home and in public.

We’ve had our fair share of bad times and good times. The bad times were full of tears, criticisms, and serious conversations. The good times were full of laughs.

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