The Thief

As each dawn breaks, I reach for you.
As each day closes, in the darkness, it is you I pursue,

You are my closest friend, my constant companion,
A life without you I cannot imagine.

Through the good times and the bad, you never leave my side,
During the darkness and confusion, you are my ever-present guide.

You capture my attention with a stunning perfection,
You are always there to provide me direction.

Despite your many wonders, you have now become my prison,
I’ve missed too many priceless moments under your supervision.

You’re not a co-worker, a spouse, or even a beloved friend from home.
You are a piece of plastic.
You are my phone.

You are a thief of priceless moments,
I’ve fallen victim to your electronic components.

I love to say to “make the most of each day,”
That is impossible until I put the phone away.

Beautiful creations surround me while I stand in line,
I stare blindly at my phone to help pass the time.

There are friends who need support, so many people in need,
Yet, I just continue to scroll through my Facebook Newsfeed.

I always turn to you in the moments when I feel bored,
Creative thoughts, dreams, and wonders never get explored.

A world full of people constantly on their phone,
No one truly embracing the present, everyone living alone.

Churches, classes, and concerts full of people staring at screens,
I’m afraid we’ve missed the point, we’ve become slaves to machines.

I’ve had a painful realization lately, one that brings me much shame,
I always have a phone in my hand, even when holding a baby or at a baseball game.

If a baby’s smiles or friendly conversation are not enough for me,
Then I have become a man I do not want to be.

The Thief

My friends and family deserve my full attention,
It’s finally time for a phone intervention.

No more mindlessly checking my phone due to some twisted addiction,
My phone can’t control me, it’s time for an eviction.

I don’t want my kids to look at my phone and feel jealousy,
I will not be that dad, that won’t be my legacy.

6 thoughts on “The Thief

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  2. Ice, you totally got the point! Thank you for reading NoFiJazzCafe. I really like it when people get the point that life is beautiful. Isn’t that what we are all trying to say? Respect, Matt and Sharon Scott

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