War on Weight

I need some help.

I need some accountability.

I need to lose some weight.

I’ve previously written about my 20ish-year struggle with my weight. There have been many ups and downs over the years. The victories are some of my proudest moments. The setbacks are some of my lowest lows.

Much like Justin Bieber’s career, I’ve been in a steep decline over the past year.

Man in the Mirror

260 to 180.  Now hanging out at 220 (not pictured due to tired/crazy dad eyes).

I’ve always struggled with eating healthy. I have some sort of food obsession, or just really weak willpower, and always find myself munching on something, eating out of boredom, or going back for a third serving of fajitas. I hate it, but it keeps on happening.

I’ve often been able to balance out the caloric gorging by exercising a ridiculous amount. In law school, I worked out twice a day and lost 70 pounds. However, after spending most of the past three years hanging out with my work computer, that isn’t feasible anymore. It’s hard for me to accept this fact, but I’ve gained 40 pounds since I started my job in September 2010. That’s dangerous and depressing.

Biking to and from work has often been a huge help in the past, but this past winter was brutal in DC and I have been too lazy over the past six months to get out there and pop some wheelies. That downturn in exercise coincided with an unfortunate uptick in snacking. This was probably due to increased stress and the fact that there was so much more junk food in our house with two little kids on the way.

Unfortunately, the food availability and snacking hit all-time highs (technically, lows) over the past few weeks of paternity leave. Sitting around all day in a house full of food and sweet treats is a bad combination for me. In short, I ate four packs of Oreos last week. Due to the constant cycle of feeding, burping, and diapers, I haven’t exercised in two weeks (except for the bouncing I do to help the kids fall asleep).

And now none of my pants fit.

Yes, some people may say they didn’t fit before, but now my skinny jeans are no-fit jeans. I finally swallowed my pride and ordered two pairs of bigger dress pants last week. I tried them on over the weekend and they didn’t fit either. I screamed.

It’s finally time to do something about it. Again.

I’ve been polluting my body with all this junk food. I feel gross and lethargic. My love for fashion is quickly waning when nothing fits right. I recently saw some amazing floral pants that were so beautifully tacky, but I didn’t even want to buy them because of my weight gain.

That can’t happen.

Okay, rant over.

Here’s the goal:

Lose 20 pounds by July 4th, 2014.

Here’s how I’m going to get there:

(1)  Bike to work each day that the weather permits.

(2)  Lift weights before leaving from work each day.

(3)  Write down all the food and drinks I consume. This one is already paying dividends as I’ve resisted some tempting cookies and candy bars all day.

(4) You. I need accountability. Badly.

Game on.

21 thoughts on “War on Weight

  1. The first step is acknowledging your goal, how you’re going to achieve it and then begin executing – you are well on your way! Remember your drinks are empty calories, so try to fill up on water when you feel like you want to eat or drink something — often times we mistake our hunger for dehydration and a little water will help you feel full. Also try drinking water before your meals. I’m really big into nutrition, health and fitness, so let me know if you’re interested in any tips as you work towards your goal! Keep up the good work 🙂

    • I thought you might chime in on this topic since you’ve been so successful in recent months/years. I’m not sure how realistic CrossFit is at this point (i.e. 2 screaming babies), but I’ll look into paleo stuff. Are gummy bears paleo? How about Cool Ranch Doritos?

  2. MyFitnessPal app b/c it’s free/user-friendly to track calories… weights, sprints (or other High Intensity Interval Training exercises designed to be short but intense and rev up your metabolism)… drink lots of water… eat as “clean” as you can (paleo is great!)… focus on something you can maintain for life instead of quick fixes that will keep you on a roller-coaster; commit to making 1 or 2 small changes in your diet every week… allow yourself a cheat day every week or every other week (or look up the 80/20 rule as a guide for sustainable weight loss)… most importantly, test different things, experiment, and keep tweaking to what works best for YOU. don’t give up. and keep. going! best of luck!!!!

  3. I hit the same wall this week. 30 lbs of baby weight have refused to budge for nearly 8 months. I couldnt wear a pretty easter dress yesterday. I’m still wearing maternity pants! I don’t know how other mamas go back up their pre-pregnancy weight so quick. And now that I have Jackson, I can’t go to the gym twice a day like I used to. Here are my steps to lose 20lbs by June 22 (Jackson’s dedication):
    1. Do a workout video 5 days a week.
    2. Walk at least 2 miles a day.
    3. Use myfitnesspal to keep track of everything I put in my mouth.
    4. Stop getting free cupcakes at Sprinkles.
    Ok, who am I kidding. I’m NOT going to do #4! Good luck Andrew! We can do this!

  4. Bro,

    One thing that’s helpful to me is asking myself? Am I really hungry or do I just want to do something before eating. Try to separate fueling your body from something to do. If you’re hungry, eat something. But if you’re looking for consumption as an activity, try to satiate that need, which we all have, with something besides food.

    . I chew on a toothpick,or drink water, or drink tea. I’ve found this last option to be very helpful as tea is delicious. There’s this apple cinnamon tea, it tastes like applce cider. The F*ing bomb.

    An easy affordable fix when i’m hungry is oatmeal and protein powder. It is delicious.

    Also, spend a little extra if you’re going out for the healthier option. I.e. instead of a burger get like, fish and rice or something. I eat a protein heavy diet and it’s been working for me so far. I also have no time and cook eggs a lot for dinner, like at least twice a week. They are delicious easy, and very healthy.

    The biggest thing is not buying/ordering junk food. I.e., chips, fries, and cookies. If you can cut that stuff out, pretty much forever, it’ll make a huge difference. I used to eat tons of fried food and removing it from my diet helped a lot. It’s like quiting smoking. If you by a pack of smokes, you’re going to smoke them, because they are delicious. No one’s willpower is that strong. You have to set yourself up to make the right decisions.

    Good luck man and if you can dream it, you can achieve it. If you ever want workout tips, hit me up.

  5. Andrew, Always love your blogs! You are so candid and love your humor! So what’s this old lady gotta say to you regarding this blog on weight? Well I struggle with it too…don’t we all! My advice is portion control… why just this morning I choose to have 1 donut instead of two! See it’s all about choices! Choose well my friend!

  6. You also might consider meditation. While exercising and developing better eating habits is essential, its seems that you also have to deal with one of the root causes of weight, which is the stress you mentioned. Being stressed leads people to reach out to those instant comfort foods. With two babies, you also must not be getting adequate sleep which exacerbates your stress levels because your body is not well rested. I commend the biking to work which will get the heart rate up, but don’t forget to do things to slow it down like sitting in complete silence and just taking 15 mins a day to breath and not think. Losing weight is not just an external regime, it’s an internal one as well.

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