If you are anything like me, there are days, if not weeks, months, or years, where you feel worthless, hopeless, and insignificant.  You’ve screwed up, a lot, and you believe that you have nothing important to say, do, or contribute.  You missed your chance.


How do I know?

Well, as my wife says, I know everything.  If that doesn’t convince you, check out these two pictures:

Patriots Logo

Napoleon Block

Why do I care about a Patriots logo and a name plate with a mostly-legible “Napoleon” on it?  Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

These objects are handmade.  Each was carved from a piece of wood and painted by hand.

By my brother.

My brother has been in jail for three years.  He’s 17.

He’s done some terrible things and has made some bad decisions.  Despite all that, he is still capable of making something beautiful.

You are too.  Regardless of your flaws, mistakes, and despair.

Never let anyone, especially yourself, tell you differently.  

8 thoughts on “Worthless

  1. You’re perfect in my eyes Andrew! Nothing you can ever do will ever displease me…….

    Except that time you puked on my head,

    And the time you showed me what a TMS is in Cappadocia.

    Other than that were good.

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