Name of Thrones – Vol. 2

Happy Friday, y’all!  We made it!

(fist pump)

Here’s the deal:  this baby stuff is getting serious.  All our nursery furniture arrived at the local Buy Buy Baby yesterday.  That’s exciting, but also terrifying.

You know that stuff in your house that doesn’t really have a place or purpose, but you just “can’t” throw away?  Well, all of that stuff, including yearbooks, scrapbooks, commemorative pillows and blankets from grandma, and “collectible” Barbies and sports cards, has just been unceremoniously tossed into a spare bedroom for the past two years.  When people come over to visit, the door to that room is always suspiciously closed.  Well, that is no longer an option because the twin invasion is coming in only two months.  So, just like Scrooge McDuck diving into a vault full of gold coins, I’ll be diving into a room full of Barbie Dolls and Beanie Babies this weekend.  Game on.

As you may know, our “baby” became “babies,” which eventually developed into a “little boy” and “little girl.” After a little discussion and debate, those little rockstars were named Aaron and Erin Austin and Madison.

Name of Thrones - 2

Choosing names for the kids made everything so much more real.  It’s one thing for Amanda to say “one of the babies is kicking” than it is to feel Madison flipping around like some sort of breakdancer.  It’s not just an “it,” “she,” or “her,” it’s Madison and she’s got a name, a soul, a personality, and a lot of spunk.  Meanwhile, Austin is much more of a laid back gangsta.

Well, they aren’t just Austin and Madison anymore:

They are Madison Grace McCormick and Austin Brady McCormick.

Here’s why:

We adore the name Grace.  First, it’s a short name, which is much needed when your first and last names are three-syllable beasts.  Second, the name Grace is such a beautiful reminder of the undeserved grace we’ve experienced in our lives.  My wife and I almost broke up a few times during the first five years of our marriage.  Despite our repeated failures, we now have the priceless opportunity, and responsibility, to raise, nourish, and love two beautiful children.  That’s grace.  Undeserved grace.

Unsurprisingly, we also love the name Brady.  It’s unique and classy, but not insane like Jamiroquai or Apple.  However, I understand that choosing Brady as a middle name for Austin will lead to some questions.  Let’s clear the air.

Yes, Tom Brady is my favorite person athlete ever.  Yes, I do have an incredible man crush on Tom Brady.  No, we did not name our son after Tom Brady.  We just loved the name, Amanda even more so than me, so we went with it.  The fact that our son will share a name with God’s favorite quarterback is just an added bonus.

Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Name of Thrones – Vol. 2

  1. I soo enjoy these… and I am so excited for your kids to eventually be in my class on sundays… trust me time will fly….. 🙂

  2. Congrats! Our twins are boy/girl and our little girl has always been the spunky one! I suppose she had to do something for having her face jammed in her brother’s butt for 9 months 😛

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