I learned a very important lesson in 2013:

I’m getting old.


In 2013:

I turned 30.

I tweaked my knee while walking.  It still hurts six months later.

I found out that I was having a baby.  A few weeks later, I learned that I was having twins.

I fell in love with seltzer water.

And gardening.

I discovered that a small increase in calorie consumption and a small decrease in exercise now leads to significant weight gain.

And four pairs of ripped pants.

I bought a SUV.

I love the idea of falling asleep on the couch at 9pm on a Friday night.

I grew a beard.

Old - 3

My entire body hurts the morning after I play sports.  That even includes a game of HORSE.

My doctor told me I should take aspirin every day.

I get annoyed when I see teenagers texting all the time.

I turn on the radio and don’t know any of the songs.

The only TV shows I watch are on The Food Network and HGTV.

So, yea, in 2013, I learned that I’m turning into an old man.

I also learned that I’m cool with that.

I’m older and slower, but I’m also wiser.  I’ve learned to be thankful instead of feeling entitled to life, health, and success.  I miss my youth, but I’m thankful for the experiences that have brought me to this point, both the good and the bad.  I’ve overcome obstacles this year that crushed me in the past.  I’ve learned to appreciate the present instead of always anticipating the next best thing.  I’ve found my voice and decided to just be who I am, regardless of the world’s expectations.  I’ve learned to stop trying to be perfect and to just laugh at my mistakes and quickly ask for forgiveness. I’ve learned that I need to knock down my pride and share my flaws with those around me who need to hear that they are not alone.  I figured out that instead of planning, scheming, and forcing things to happen, I just need to make the most of every day and every opportunity.  Most importantly, I finally understand that there is nothing more important than faith, friends, and family.  Everything else will leave you unsatisfied and hungry for more.

In 2013, I grew up.

A little.

Old 4

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