Name of Thrones

I’ve been writing, thinking, and praying about these two little babies for the past few months:

Name of Thrones

I’m biased, but they are pretty awesome.

Although I’ve made a few trips to baby stores and glanced at the cover of a baby book, this whole thing just got real.  These babies have names now:

Name of Thrones - 2

These names have been our favorites for a few years, but we still wasted $10 on a baby name book to look at other options.  None of them felt right.  We wanted unique, but not weird.  We didn’t want to be super cheesy and have 4 “A” names, but referring to ourselves as The A-Team was still kind of appealing.  I also like the fact that my musical jam for these little rockstars over the past few months has been “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities.  In case you skipped fourth grade, Austin and Madison are the capital cities of Texas and Wisconsin.  As a native Texan, the name Austin has some significance for me.  I’ve never been to Wisconsin, so now I have a good excuse to head up there and take a picture of Madison (the human) in front of a Madison (the city) sign.  We did like the name Jackson for the dude, but 37 of our friends picked that name before us and we didn’t want to have to fight y’all.  Amanda wouldn’t let me name our girl Britney or Spears.  

Thus, Austin and Madison were born.  Well, not yet, but we did buy them Christmas stockings.  We’re not sure about middle names, but we are sure that this dynamic duo is going to do some big things in this world.

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