Tie Hard With a Vengeance

The weather is cold, the tree is lit, and the sounds of Christmas carols fill the air,
This holiday season, you’ll spend time with family, watch classic movies, and buy presents to show others you care.

Whether it’s for your baby daddy, your brother, or even dear ole’ dad, I bet you’ll end up getting some dude a tie,
This is what you need to do when buying fly neckwear for that special guy.

Ditch the crowded stores, avoid the long lines, and check out TheTieBar.com,
Trust me on this one, world, because my wife tells me I’m never wrong.

Just like Eminem and the music, you can “Lose Yourself” in The Tie Bar’s endless collection,
Giving a dude a TieBar tie for Christmas is the surest way to win his affection.

So if you’re buying a guy a present, a TieBar tie is what you need to get him,
He’ll look so fly that people will probably mistake him for David Beckham,

Sure, you can pay $50 for a snazzy tie at a department store,
Or you can get an even cooler tie from The Tie Bar for the same price, plus two more.

Yep, these slammin’ ties will only set you back $15 a pop,
I’ve been rocking them for years and just like “Law & Order,” I’m never gonna stop.

The quality is money, the colors are bright, and the patterns are a thrill,
These bad boys are slicker than an oil spill.

So do the guys in your life a favor and follow this fashion advice,
I guarantee that if you give your boyfriend a TieBar tie, y’all will soon be running towards a limo as people throw rice.

My TieBar.com Collection:
Tie Hard With a Vengeance

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