The Family

Other than some intense hours at work spent wrasslin’ with an Excel spreadsheet that has more than 20,000 rows, today was a pretty sweet Monday:

I chilled with this cool girl I know:


I kicked it with this tough guy:

Napoleon Titanic

We also got to see our little dude and dudette during a sonogram appointment today.

The dude:


The dudette:


The sonogram appointments are pretty tiring: it’s really warm in there, the white noise is sleep-inducing, and you spend 1-2 hours staring at a grainy screen.  However, those appointments are such a powerful reminder about the miracle and wonder of life.  The doctor also gives out free mints.

We’re so thankful for these little superstars.  They appear to be perfectly healthy and they have already brought us so much joy, thankfulness, and faith (and increased credit card bills).  Most importantly, the baby doctor is right next to a McDonald’s, so the babies have given us a wonderful excuse to crush some McFlurries.

Finally, we decided on the names. It’s so exciting, and makes everything so much more real, when it’s not just a “baby” or a “dude,” but a “Luke” or “Leia.”  We’ll keep the names a secret for now, but, for better or for worse, my top choices didn’t make the cut.  Thus, no Luke and Leia, Justin and Britney, Aaron and Erin, or Andy and Mandy.

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