Awkward White Guy Rap (Vol. XIV): Run-DMC

Look out, world!  You’re about to witness the greatest comeback in D.C. since Grover Cleveland:

Awkward White Guy Rap (Vol. XIV) - Run DMC

Amanda is making her long-awaited return to the rap game!

Such a momentous moment in music history warrants a legendary rap song.  After videos inspired by artists ranging from Dr. Dre and DMX to Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, it was time to look to the godfathers of rap music, Run-DMC.  Those guys took rap from the streets to the mainstream.  I’ve done their ultimate jam, “Walk This Way,” in the past, so we turned to another one of their classic hits, “It’s Tricky.”

Not only is “It’s Tricky” a super dope jam, but we love it because our boy Bryce Harper used it as one of his walk-up songs at Nationals games this past season.  You’re the man, Bryce, but this strange video is kind of your fault.

I’ll be honest, Amanda crushes it in this video.  Amazingly, she does it all with two little babies jamming inside her.  Enjoy this video and it’s extreme Caucasian awkwardness!

You can find all of the “Awkward White Guy Rap” videos here!

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