Halloween is awesome.

I love the candy.  I love stalking party photos on Facebook.  I love the costumes.

I really love the homemade costumes.  I’ll be rocking a do-it-yourself costume this Saturday night, just like I’ve always done in the past.  In “recent” years, I’ve been…

A Warbler from “Glee” (2012)


An Etch-a-Sketch (2011)


The Washington Monument (2009)


A tornado (2005)


I think I paid a combined $10 for those four costumes.  I also think I spent a combined 10 minutes of work making those four costumes.  That is probably obvious.

Although Halloween comes around only once a year, I wear a costume every single day:

There is a huge difference between the real me and the me the world sees.

The me the world sees is always happy, always positive, and always hopeful.  In recent years, the real me has struggled with my parents’ divorce, my brother’s incarceration, and my own marriage failures.

The me the world sees is outgoing and personable.  The real me would rather spend most nights taking naps, eating cereal for dinner, and playing video games.

The me the world sees is bold and confident.  The real me is fearful of criticism, constantly struggles with insecurity, and is haunted by regret.

That’s my costume.

It is normal for there to be a gap between the public and private versions of ourselves, but mine is probably too large.  This blog helps.  A lot.  I’ve also been dedicating more time to hanging out one-on-one with some of my friends.  It’s easy to wear a happy-go-lucky costume at big parties and social events.  It’s harder to hide behind a public persona when you’re sitting face-to-face with a friend for an hour.

That’s my costume.  It’s time for it to come off.

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