Stop Yelling

There are a lot of interesting things in DC:

Stop Yelling

Stop Yelling - 3

Stop Yelling - 2

Unfortunately, our nation’s capital is also full of angry people.  I’m not talking about bitter Redskins fans still stuck in 1991, but people on street corners causing all sorts of shenanigans.

I often see some guys driving around the Mall in a trippy van decorated with intense Bible verses and proclamations about hell.  They are usually rocking a megaphone and yelling at people for lots of different reasons.  Just a few blocks away, there are always some intense dudes at the Chinatown Metro station angrily yelling about Israel and/or white people.  Ease up, bros, I just want some froyo.

Sadly, the examples don’t end there.  TV, Congress, and our Facebook NewsFeeds are full of people screaming about something or berating those who think differently, especially if there is an election around the corner (or a Cowboys/Redskins game).  Although it’s good to live a life full of passion, here are five reasons we should ease up on the yelling:

1.  I don’t have a degree in marketing and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I’m confident that you will never convince someone to change their beliefs by yelling at them.

2.  Discussing and debating religion, politics, and/or your favorite Miley song over a Bud Light Lime and nachos is a lot more enjoyable than screaming at someone.  And more productive too.  (P.S. – The answer is “Wrecking Ball.”  You are the BIGGEST IDIOT IN THE WORLD if you think differently.)

3.  Anger, stress, and screaming are bad for your health.  I can’t cite scientific evidence to support that hypothesis, but the two times I thought I was going to black out were both at UVA football games.  No, not because I had been drinking too much whiskey.  Rather, I was losing my mind screaming about a stupid playcall and/or a mistake a ref made.  That would have been a dumb way to die.

4.  Diamonds are forever.  So is the internet.  Don’t blow your reputation and legacy by launching a tirade that eventually ends up on BuzzFeed.

5.  Screaming discredits you.  You might have some brilliant ideas, but if you unveil them to the world through fiery, heated, and disrespectful exchanges, no one will actually listen to what you have to say.

Bye.  TGIF!

4 thoughts on “Stop Yelling

  1. This is so true! I saw a preacher dude on a crate at H Street Festival and wanted to give him a fine for yelling at people about the bible. I believe in the bible, but it made me mad how he was approaching it. Anyway – I agree 100% with this post. 😀


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