The Gift of Giving

I was up until 1:00am “tonight” doing work.  I’m now writing this at 2:00am even though I should probably be sleeping or watching late night P90X informericals to inspire me to lose some weight.  Because it’s way too late and my mind is kind of a mess, I’m going to try to keep this post short, just like my BFF Phil.

In addition to our love for junk food, weekend mornings without alarm clocks, and Taco Bell, we all have something in common:

We really enjoy getting gifts.

The Gift of Giving

Even my dog loves getting gifts.

The Gift of Giving - Napoleon

But do you know what’s BETTER than getting gifts?

Lady Gaga.


Wait, although true, that’s not what I’m going for right now.


It’s really easy to hate on humanity.  All the other drivers on the road suck and everyone else on the Metro smells like an armpit (except for you and me).  If we still read newspapers, we’d see horrifying news on the cover each day.  Worst of all, people use the wrong form of your/you’re way too often.

Despite our flaws, there’s a positive spark in all of us.  A spark that can radically impact our world.  It might be buried under layers of insecurity, resentment, and years of calloused pain, but it’s there.

Let it out.


My goal over the next few days is to think of something I’m good at, which shouldn’t be too hard because the list is pretty short, and then use that gift to bless someone else.  I used to write funny poems for people in high school, so yea, maybe it’s time for those to come back.

If you’re a great encourager, hit up one of your friends on the telephone just to chat.  With your ears and mouth, not thumbs.  If you are an artist, paint someone a picture.  If you have righteous baking skills, make me some cookies.  If you love pop music, do a surprise song-and-dance routine at a friend’s birthday party.

The Gift of Giving - 3

YOU all have amazing gifts and talents.  Use them.

(Seriously, make me some cookies.)

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