I’ll admit it, sometimes I have a hard time moving on.  I’ve barely come to terms with the fact that I’m no longer in college.  I still miss “LOST, “Battlestar Galactica,” and “Gilmore Girls.”  April is the saddest month of the year because McDonald’s stops selling Shamrock Shakes during that terrible month (no offense to my wife and her April birthday).

Another important chapter comes to a close this Sunday.  Amanda and I have been going to Capital City Church in DC for the past four years.  No longer.


Nope, there’s no exciting scandal (although I do occasionally steal donuts from the music team on Sunday mornings). Rather, we’re helping launch a new Cap City site in Kingstowne, Virginia on October 20th. Like the ninth inning of a close baseball game, we’re incredibly excited and nervous about this new adventure.

Before making the big move, I wanted to reflect on some of the things I loved about going to Cap City DC and the things I’ll miss the most:

1. I will miss the white hipsters of H Street. I normally feel out of place when it comes to fashion, but y’all are weird too.

2. Without the support and encouragement of my church family, I might be divorced now. This means that Capital City Church is largely responsible for the fact that Amanda and I are having twins.  Thus, we expect all you DC folks to make the trek down to Alexandria to babysit our kids.  Every weekend.

3.  I will miss having to hide all our valuables in the trunk so no one on H Street breaks into our car.

4. I will miss all the college kids who make me feel older than John McCain.

5. I will miss all the amazing restaurants on H Street.  Thanks for making me fat.

6. Specifically, Sticky Rice. I used to think that Britney Spears was God’s greatest creation.  Nope.  Sticky Rice introduced me to a metal bucket full of tater tots covered in Sriracha sauce. That, my friends, is God’s masterpiece.

7. We learned to become more generous people, both with our finances, and more importantly, our time. “You only get one shot” at life.  I want mine to be full of passion and generosity.  And tater tots.

8. I will miss Adam’s logic-defying white boy curled afro. He was the first person to greet us at Cap City DC in 2009. We’ve been coming back since then, mostly because of Adam’s hair.


9. I’ve had a lot of friends and family join me at church over the past four years.  They were all different ages and all different races.  Some were gay, some were straight.  Some dudes, some dudettes.  All felt welcome.

10. This.


Bye.  TGIF!

11 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. Thank The Lord for this blog Andrew. Otherwise not seeing you and Amanda at church weekly would be to much to bare! Thanks for the tons of laughs in DC, but I thoroughly expect you to keep the laughs coming from VA.

  2. Such a great post Andrew describing so well what many of us our feeling. And I agree those church wide events will take on a whole new dimension now! Excited for what is about to happen in Kingstowne!

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