So long, my friend.

Life is full of beauty, mystery, and wonder.  Unfortunately, sometimes it’s also full of pain.

Saying “goodbye” is the worst pain of them all.

So long, my friend

After a “beautiful” four weeks, I finally had to say “goodbye” to my closest friend.

Goodbye, beard.


I was starting to feel pretty scraggy, my boss called me a lumberjack, all the red hair creeped me out a little, and my beardness also coincided with two of the hardest workweeks of my life.  I needed a fresh start.  I needed a reboot.  I needed my Backstreetness back…


…No, that’s not quite right…

Beard 3


Beard 4

Eek.  Try again…


…that’s better.  It sure feels good to be a gangsta.

(I apologize for the dearth of posts over the past two weeks  Work got the best of me.  I hope both of you reading this will forgive me.)

4 thoughts on “So long, my friend.

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