“You’re Not Good Enough”

Some days you wake up and feel like a million bucks.

You're Not Good EnoughOther days, you don’t.

You're Not Good Enough

“My job sucks.”

I hate myself.

“I feel fat.  And this idiot on the basketball court just said we should play shirts vs. skins.”

I hate myself.

“I ordered a pizza and fell asleep watching TV alone on a Friday night.  At 8:00pm.”

I hate myself.

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you’re not a big fan of you.  That’s not good.  The world can be pretty tough and there is already too much hate out there.  If you hate on yourself for a few mistakes or supposed flaws, you’re missing out on all the beautiful things you have the offer.  And if you’re missing out on all your unique gifts, the rest of the world probably is too.  That ain’t right.

So here are my five tips on how to like yourself more.  If you need real advice, watch “Dr. Phil.”

(1)  You are the only you.

It’s probably life’s greatest challenge, but don’t compare yourself to others.  Sure, on the rare occasion, it might inspire you to do something good.  However, it will usually just take you to the Dark Side.  That’s not good (although Vader was so much cooler than Luke).  You’re wonderfully and beautifully unique and the world needs you to be you.

(2)  You’re awkward?  Cool.  The rest of us are too.

You’ll probably do something dumb today.  Don’t fret.  Billions of other people will too.  Myself included.

You're Not Good Enough

(I felt SO bad.  That guy probably felt worse.)

You're Not Good Enough. Yo

Plus, most people won’t even remember your mistakes in a few days.  Hopefully, neither will you.  So take it easy on yourself.

(3)  You REALLY screwed up?  Learn from it.

There are two kinds of mistakes: there are “Call of Duty” screwups where you get to start over from your last starting point.  When you make one of those mistakes, no big deal.  Time for Take 2.  On the other hand, there are old school Nintendo screwups. You’re playing Mario 3, jammin’ to some “Ace of Base” and, BOOM, you finally get to the last level to face King Koopa.  Oops, you just died.  That sucks, because now you have to start over from the beginning.

(throws controller and rips off B.U.M Equipment shirt)

That kind of mistake really hurts and is not easily forgotten.  So you’re left with two choices:  you can beat yourself up for the next few days, weeks, years, or even decades OR you can learn from it and move on.  Do the latter.  Oh, and if your screwup hurt someone else.  Apologize.

(Amanda, I’m sorry for eating your rice pudding last week.  I’m not sure if you noticed…)

(4)  Don’t live life alone.

We aren’t meant to live life alone.  Tom Brady wouldn’t have won those 5 Super Bowls without my encouragement and the help of his teammates (and arguably the help of secret video recordings of opposing coaches).  If Tom can’t do it alone, neither can you.  Live life in a community.  A community that will encourage you, a community that will make you laugh, a community that will support you when life gets tough.

(5)  Go shopping.

Don’t try to fill your pain or insecurities with material things.  It won’t work.  However, if there is an affordable purchase that will give you an extra boost, bring a smile to your face, or give you some extra swag, buy it.  Or better yet, you can “shop your closet” and dig up some forgotten gems for free.  And then rock the streets like only YOU can.



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