All the Small Things

Our A/C broke last week.  Not cool.


After seven days of sitting around in a swampy and fan-filled home, something magical happened on Tuesday evening.  I walked into a cool house.  I felt like raining down a million celebratory fist pumps, but I was too tired after my bike ride home.

Whether it is walking into a cool house, the “burn” from that first drink of a soda, or hearing your favorite song at da club, it’s often the small things that make life so amazing.  The little things that bring a smile to our face, make us laugh, or give us A New Hope during a time of need.

Things like Bike Bro.


I don’t know his name, but Bike Bro is an enormous dude I see on the bike trail every morning.  He wears ridiculously awesome rec specs and a bike helmet so big that it makes me feel like I’m in a Mario Brothers game.

All the Small ThingsI don’t know his name, but I do know he’s a rockstar.  As he blows by me on the trail each day, he lets out an enormous “GOOD MORNING!!!”  Although it nearly gave me a heart attack the first time, it always brings a smile to me face now.  It can be a little depressing to bike 12 miles to work on a Monday morning, but when Bike Bro tells you “good morning,” forget what the rest of the world is telling you, it’s gonna be a good morning.

I always give Bike Bro a holler back, but can never catch up with him to get his name (and maybe that would be a little stalkerish).  I hope someone out there knows Bike Bro (pictured below).  I would love to tell him that he’s an inspiration.  He’s helped show me that our words are powerful.  They can tear people down, but they can also give someone much-needed hope and joy.

Be like Bike Bro.

Bike Bro

10 thoughts on “All the Small Things

  1. It’s funny. Before I even saw the picture of “Bike Bro”, I pictured him as a purplish-blue guy, riding side-saddle on an impossibly-operational, red bicycle. Perhaps I’ve seen him in my dreams. No, I’m sure I’d remember that.

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