Beat Dat Addiction

We made it to the weekend.  Good job, world.  That is always worth celebrating.  I have something else to celebrate:


Baby news?  Nope.  Check back in 2-3 years.

Lost some weight?  Sadly, I’m moving in the wrong direction on that one.

New job?  Naw, dawg.  I like being able to wear purple pants to work.

More importantly, I have won my battle with Coke (to avoid confusion, please note the capitalized “C”).  It was a tough and lengthy battle, but like Britney Spears at the 2005 Grammy Awards, I won.

Britney GIF

I took the Virginia bar exam in July 2009.  It was a grueling summer and just like watching any recent Nicholas Cage movie, it is not an experience I want to repeat.  I studied 12+ hours a day.  The only way I stayed awake during prep classes so boring that they made soccer look exciting was by drinking Coke Zero.  Sadly, not one or two cans, but five.

(Just kidding, soccer fans.  Sorta.)

Four years later and I was still drinking five cans of that black and fake sugary goodness each day.  I’m not a nutritionist and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I do know that’s not good for you.  So I finally decided to “quit” and today marks my one-month anniversary of semi-freedom from Coke Zero.  How are you going to celebrate?

If you feel as though you are in the inescapable grip of an addiction, you’re not.  Just like Michael Jackson, you’re gonna “Beat It.”  Here’s how:

1.  Don’t be dumb.  Set a realist goal.  If I tried to quit Coke Zero completely, I’d fail.  Be smart, set reasonable expectations, and then go from there.  Baby steps.

2.  Find a good substitute.  If you’re trying to rid your life of something, you’ve got to replace it with something else.  For me, it was sparkling water (and rap videos).  Sure, water with bubbles is not nearly as good as Coke, but it’s a lot healthier and does the trick.

3.  Accountability.  Addictions can crush us and we can’t fight them alone.  Get someone who can support you.  Amanda, of newfound rapping fame, was key.  She stopped buying Coke Zero.  That helped.

Good luck and TGIF!

11 thoughts on “Beat Dat Addiction

  1. Truth – as I’m reading this, I’m sipping on a Coke Zero. It’ll be my one and only for the week.

    But seriously, good job on kicking your habit.

  2. I kicked my Diet Dr Pepper addiction about four years ago with sparkling water. We don’t just get addicted to the caffeine, but we also get addicted to the pain response we get from the carbination in the bubbles hitting our tongue. Sparkling water fits the bill for me. Congrats on kicking Coke!

  3. I love Coke Zero but also stopped regularly buying it because I was drinking too much. Now I pretty much just drink water and almond milk. Ahem…and wine. But only because it’s heart healthy! On occasion, when I’m out, I’ll treat myself to a CZ. But the not buying it part helps and saves $$$.

  4. I have a confession. I have a diet coke addiction! Who would have thought drinking soda could be such a problem in our lives and so bad for our health that we’d have to take steps to “quit”. I drink WAYY more than a daily serving and I do get a craving! I’ll quit one day….

    Congrats on quitting though! Your success is motivating!

    *sipping on my super big gulp*

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