“Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend”

The only thing greater than Taylor Swift?

The weekend.

Sadly, the only thing that disappears more quickly than the weekend is a pack of Oreos at our house.  Alas, it was a good weekend.  No, a great weekend.  Here’s why:

Me and my boy Philly Z. made a rap video.  Typical Saturday.

Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend

Amazingly, it’s even more awkward than my solo Biggie joint from last week.  The new jam is dropping tomorrow morning.  I’m a little biased, but it’s really funny.  And really stupid.

I got my new kicks.  Rocked them at church.  Technically, I rocked them on stage at church.  Our pastor said he needed sunglasses when he looked at me.  Understandable.


Not only did I get to hear an encouraging word about thankfulness at church today, but it was unintentionally red pants day.  I like red pants days.


We hung out with some dear friends on Friday night.  I ate approximately five pounds of pork BBQ and 10+ cookies.  I also played Settlers of Catan.  Although I’m an uber-geek, I kind of hate that game (that statement may be considered heresy in Christian and/or hipster circles).  Many in attendance will say that I cheated.  They are right.


Saturday evening was spent hanging out with four of our dearest friends.  I had my first vegan meal, rocked out with Kelly Kapowski, and ate a gallon of salsa.  I really wish that was an exaggeration.


Saturday night’s salsa throwdown reminded me a lot of the infamous night in 2004 when I ate too many fajitas and too much salsa and I threw up in the parking lot of a Guadalajara in Charlottesville.  There wasn’t a second date.

6 thoughts on ““Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend”

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