The Jesus Obsession

Jesus said a lot of cool things when he was cruising around the Middle East a few years ago:

Jesus Dude

(1)  “Blessed are the peacemakers . . ..”  (Matthew 5:9)

(2)  “Let any of you who is without sin throw the first stone . . ..”  (John 8:7)

(This explains why Tebow never learned to throw.)

tebow throw

3)  “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  (Matthew 28:20)

He wasn’t kidding about that one.  Jesus is everywhere.

He’s on top of mountains.

Jesus Brazil

He’s on pieces of bread.

Jesus Bread

He’s in a “galaxy far, far away.”

Jesus Star Wars

He’s inside computers.

Matrix Jesus

He’s in blue tights.

Jesus Superman

Most recently, he’s in a wannabe Terminator outfit.

Jesus Elysium

For those of you who aren’t geeks, that is a scene from “Elysium,” the new Matt Damon sci-fi flick.  Although I thought the movie was a hot mess, like so many other films, it was the story of Jesus wrapped in modern and violent packaging.  Although the “Elysium” Jesus was a gun-toting carjacker who blows people’s faces off with grenades, it was still Jesus.  [[ SPOILER ALERT ]]  In the movie, Earth kind of sucked, due to war, poverty, and pollution, and all the rich folks peaced out to Elysium, a floating space station where there was no suffering, no sickness, and no death.  In this “heaven,” there were sweet gardens, pool parties, and rockin’ spaceships.  And then one dude, Matt Damon, changed everything.  He shot a lot of people and then he sacrificed his own life so everyone stuck on Earth could become citizens of Elysium.  What up, Jesus?!  [[ END SPOILER ]]

That made me wonder why Hollywood and the rest of us who have normal jobs are so obsessed with Jesus.  Here’s my uneducated guesses:

1.  Whether you believe in the divinity of Christ or not, JC was the most influential homeboy in history.  Lady Gaga is a close second.  Taylor Swift a distant third.

Jesus Ashton

2.  Jesus gave us Christmas.  Thanks, Jesus.

death star

3.  The story of Jesus is compelling.  A dude from humble beginnings taught some epic messages about peace, love, and grace.  Yet, he was persecuted and tortured.  And then he died a gruesome death to save the lives of others.  However, just like the Terminator, he came back.  Regardless of your religious beliefs, that’s a rad story.

Jesus Terminator

4.  Not only is the story of Jesus pretty rad, but it’s also compelling.  It can change lives.  If you’re looking for some hope and purpose in your life, try Jesus.  Even if you’re not down with the whole Son of God and Resurrection stuff, living a life full of grace and service is always a good thing.  And if you’re looking to make a movie that will earn hundreds of millions of dollars, try Jesus.  And then give him some sweet tats and lots of guns.

29 thoughts on “The Jesus Obsession

  1. Love this, Andrew! You’re right…Jesus is everywhere, including ALL up in Hollywood. Oh, and thanks for saving me $10 on the Elysium movie 🙂

  2. Funny but not what I got from the movie! I don’t think the producers actually meant for Matt Damon to be Jesus. Remember that Damon’s character, sorry can’t remember his name, had selfish ambitions at first. He only wanted to save himself from the lethal radiation dosage he took. However, Jesus came without any form of selfish ambition. Atleast, this is what I think to be true. Maybe I misunderstood your entire post or maybe you were just making a joke; either way, great post!

    • Good thoughts, man. Totally agree about the selfish ambition thing. If you look at my other posts (most involve stupid pop culture topics), you’ll see that I’m rarely serious, so take everything with a grain of salt. 🙂 However, like “Star Wars,” “The Matrix,” etc., I think there were definitely some Jesus references in “Elysium.” Or maybe I’m just crazy. Probably that.

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  4. I do not think that there were any jesus references in elysium, it is a science fiction film that is about socio economic issues which is set in the future where presumably science has advanced to the point that human organs/tissue can be regenerated in a solarium shaped machine.

    The point of the film is that the scientific technology is owned by the few ie the 1% who have separated themselves from the 99% (whose sole purpose of existence is to work to make to the 1% rich).

    The film is about a man who is desperate , ( and many others also) to reach Elysium to access the medical care that he urgently requires to save his life but can not afford.

    There was a complete absence of theology in this film because it dealt with tangible real life issues and scientific advances.

    The writer of the material is a smart guy who manages to mirror social issues in his work, for instance he did this in district 9 also as the film was a science fiction action flick that dealt with segregation or apartheid in south Africa.

    To make theological references to his work is insulting to his and every elses intelligence. unless of course it is meant to be an sarcastic statement, which I thought your intention was.

    • Good thoughts. Most of what I wrote was only semi-serious, but there are numerous overt religious references in the film (the nun scenes, the nun telling Damon he’s bound for something extraordinary, the Earth locket, and Damon looking at the locket as he dies).

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