New Life

How do I know that I’m old?

I can’t even remember the last time I went out dancing. I think Bush 43 was still President.

My favorite shows are no longer “Tosh.0” and “The Real World.” My favorite shows are now “Iron Chef” and “House Hunters.” And anything involving Anderson Cooper.

I do all my shopping online. Not because it’s cheaper or faster, but because crowds full of teenagers annoy me. And the mall is full of teenagers. Eww.

Finally, one of my favorite parts of the day is watering our flower beds in the morning. And pulling weeds.

Yea, that’s kind of sad, but the only thing cooler than Justin Bieber is watching those flowers grow. (And everything else in the world.)

And it sure does teach me a lot.

Just a few weeks ago, one of our plants was completely dead. It was brown, it was wilted, it was ugly. Paul, our gardening genius friend, said we needed to cut all the dead stuff off and trim it down. Well, a few weeks later, this happened:


That little plant is now a rockstar.

Life works the same way. We all have junk in our lives that needs to be trimmed. It will be painful, but in the end, that trimming, whether it is ditching a deadbeat boyfriend, slowing down on the booze, or giving up trashy TV, will make you a better you.

Let your purple flowers shine, people. Let them shine.

7 thoughts on “New Life

  1. You know you’re old because you call it “going out dancing.” Back in my day, we just called it “going out.” I think kids are calling it “twerking” now. What is a twerk?

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