I like to confuse people.

I’m a DC lawyer who loves purple pants.


A white guy who loves rap music.  And boy bands.

A Christian dude who wants to be Lady Gaga.

A married guy who loves Katy Perry.  And Tom Brady.

I love neon shorts and cartoon t-shirts.   I also love suits, ties, and pocket squares.  Sometimes I like to be classy and mix all that ish together.


So what’s my new weird thing?

Cowboy boots.


This may come as a huge surprise to you, but I’m about as un-country as it gets.  I don’t fish, I don’t hunt, and I definitely don’t sleep in tents.  The most countryfied I get is Taylor Swift.

And my cowboy boots.

I love mixing my boots with dress pants.  I love the loud clacking as I walk through the dirty and chaotic streets of Chinatown.  I love standing an inch or two taller than normal.  I love pretending that I’m some sort of bad ranch dude herding cattle instead of an attorney who spends his day reading emails.

I love my boots.

And Tom Brady.


16 thoughts on “Confusion

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