Lessons Learned

I’m not brilliant.  Thus, any time I can learn something new, that’s a good thing.  Bonus points if it’s not some useless pop trivia fact. (Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. And she has a dog named Fozzi.)

Thankfully, I learned a lot of new stuff this weekend.

I learned that it is possible to eat 30 brownies in 48 hours.

brownies 4


I learned that idiot high school guys just grow up to be idiot older guys.  And they play baseball in a thunderstorm.


No one died.  Thanks, God.

I learned that I-95 is the worst place in the world.  Other than Blacksburg.


Sat in traffic for six hours.  At least Amanda got a nice nap.

I learned that DC has a lot of problems.  The lack of a Cookout is the worst of them all.


I crushed a huge burger, fries, hushpuppies, and a milkshake for $6.  SIX DOLLARS.  My salads in DC cost $11.  Fix this, Obama.

I learned that Chubbies shorts are the perfect baseball attire.


Right? RIGHT?!

I learned that the Wave Church is pretty dope.  Gorgeous building, incredible pastors, ridiculous conference, and music so fly that it makes Superman jealous.  Plus, guys in pink pants and Biggie shirts are welcome there.


…and Steelers fans too (unfortunately).

Just like the lustful sirens called for Odysseus, I learned that Virginia Beach will always beckon me to return.


We’ll see.

Finally, I learned that no matter how many years pass by, how many pounds we gain, or how many wives or kids we have, nothing really changes between me and my old high school buds. We always pick up where we left off.  We’re not old friends, just friends. And idiots.


The survivors of the 17th Annual Kreider-McCormick Classic.  Team McCormick “won” a 5-0 rain-soaked 4-inning throwdown.  Amazingly, no injuries.  Many thanks to the thousands who attended and to Christi H. for all the amazing pictures!

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