Gettin’ Durty

I love brunch. I love college football. I love crazy nights bouncin’ in da club.***

In short, I love Saturdays.

50 Cent vs_ Javi Mula - Come On In Da Club (Dj Oleg Petroff & Dj Cvet Mash Up)(P.S.- This is a really good Photoshop and not an actual album cover.)

This past Saturday, I moved a lot of mulch. 1,500 pounds of mulch.

Unlike the New England Patriots’ offseason, it was awesome.



Most importantly, I got to hang with 34 dear friends. We ate bagels, drank water, and sweated a lot. A whole lot. We also picked up trash and debris, powerwashed dirty stuff, trimmed hedges, moved a bunch of mulch, planted tons of plants, flowers, and trees, and removed one wickedly stubborn stump. We actually used an axe. It was kind of awesome.



Because there was a need.

Amanda taught at Poe Middle School for seven years. The school has a huge courtyard that was in worse shape than Lindsay Lohan’s career. Our church, Capital City Church, is always looking for ways to serve the community. Amanda and one of our dear friends, Paul, were the visionaries, Capital City Church funded the project, and tons of church friends, work friends, high school friends, and all-around-awesome dudes and dudettes came out to help. The work was hard and anti-glamorous, but thousands of little kids will be able to enjoy the beautiful flowers, plants, and trees in that courtyard for many years.

And that is what life is all about. Loving and serving others. Our church is launching a new site in Kingstowne, Virginia in the fall and it is our desire to continue to do lots of community events, so stay tuned. Not all of them will be this dirty and sweaty.

I hope.

***Things I don’t actually do on Saturdays: go fishing, wear pants, or bounce in da club.



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